Stealth Ink - CALI 4mm

Stealth Ink - CALI 4mm

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Pocket size marker with the chisel tip for nice calligraphic tags.. This marker is filled with a modified Stealth Ink formula for quicker drying...

This unique tool is designed either for the orthodox writers as well as for calligraphy enthusiasts...
- includes 4mm Chisel Tip
- higher alcohol / water ratio for quicker drying
- invisible when applied
- appears after contact with UV rays -- turns into dark brown / black shade
- super long lifespam -- almost impossible to buff !

Invisible Stealth Ink formula is enhances by the UV rays - best by sunshine or any other light. The more your mark is exposed to UV rays, the darker it gets. 

Direct sunshine works the best, subway lights takes longer - same with summer and winter condition.

Stealth Ink ist mit einer bewährten und sehr schwer zu reinigenden "durchsichtigen" Ink befüllt. Diese ist beim Auftragen durchsichtig und glasklar und wird erst bei Sonneneinstrahlung zu einem tiefen schwarz-braun; und damit erst dann wirklich sichtbar.